Saturday, 26 March 2016

a new venture "News From The Colonies"

I have decided to retire the "Everything, Alright!" podcast,  not to abandon the concept but to start anew with "News From The Colonies" - basically still a monthly trawl for new indie releases except it will now be in the form of a live radio show online stream thingy - which of course will be podcasted after the live show if you can't tune in live.

Same thing as before just now you have to listen my laconic Aussie voice guiding you through proceedings :)

I am still figuring when it will be first on air - at a good time convenient for various countries to tune in live - doubly complicated at the moment by various countries having their Summer Time start and end.

LOTS to play in the first show - which at the moment will be next weekend sometime - that is the first weekend in April - most likely sometime on the Sat - unless it's too hard with the Summer Time changes in which case it will be the week after.

Stay tuned - will let you know :)

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